Twitter for SEO

Twitter for SEO

As the Internet grows and more and more people turn to social media, the search engines appear to be taking note and realised that social media can be integrated into their algorithm to help determine which pages to present for search results.

If you thought backlinks were the only indicator you were wrong.

Its not uncommon to see social properties showing up in the search results even to the point where you could possible get your webpage into 1st position, your facebook page into 2nd position and your Twitter or Pinterest page into 3rd position, even a youtube video can be a result.

so the question is how do we optimise twitter and help our web pages.

Start with the Brand name/username, this should be a reflection of your site and if possible go for a keyword. This will be the name share and tweeted around giving this name a high significance. Tweeting links to your webpages will get the SERPS attention and if your tweet goes viral this will be a huge signal giving your page massive relevance and pushing it up the results.

What about hash tags I hear you ask

  1. A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. Users create and use hashtags by placing the hash character (Wikipedia)

Basically a hash tags acts like a meta tag because it helps in the organisation of tweets and indexing in twitter , so when things are trending the tweets are categorised under the same trending theme. For example if the trending #tag is red balloons then all tweet comments and photos can be tagged and grouped for other people to find to gather together information on this subject. So if you have something to say and you think its worth writing then a hash tag will help others find your content and increase your chance of being re tweeted, giving a good search engine signal.

I suppose you want to know about the @ symbol?

Just like in facebook how you tag a friend. The @ symbol place before anothers usename allows the other user to receive the tweet on their timeline. This also increases your chances of being retweeted and adds to your SEO signal to the SERPS.


  • So its really very simple. Set up a twitter account in your URL name of another cool name possibly a keyword.
  • Place a share button on the site and on every page if possible, especially the blog post pages.
  • Make sure your Home page URL is on the Twitter page.
  • Tweet every Blog Post you write.
  • Use hash tags, I suggest no more than 3 per post.
  • Use the @ symbol and include leaders in your industry if you believe your post is relevant to them, most likely if they are mentioned in your post in a good fashion your post will be re tweeted.

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