Terms of Use

Please note, that as long as the work is done manually to ensure best results and avoid any penalties that might be caused by any machine generated involvement into key SEO activities, we DO NOT provide any refunds or money back guarantees. This is a common practice with all responsible and interactive marketing companies.

This is explained by the fact that the behavior of search engine robots and changes in the ranking algorithms of all major search engines remain out of our control. What we guarantee is that your website will be optimised in compliance with the latest search engine optimisation policies.

Sydney City SEO aims to be honest and faithful to our clients. Meaning that we will be upfront with our clients needs and do everything in our best effort to please the client. With that being said we do not guarantee our SEO services to any extent.

This is why Sydney City SEO does not have an automatic monthly recurring payment or term contracts. The month of SEO services that you purchase from Sydney City SEO is billed ahead of time. You are always billed for the month of services that are to be rendered. Once SEO services have been paid for , Sydney City SEO will render SEO services for the entire month being billed.

Clients cannot cancel SEO services in the middle of the month for that months service. At no time, can any part of current month SEO funds be refunded. If you have a period contract you will be refunded forward unstarted monthly services minus any discounts that may have been applied for up front payment.

We may at our sole discretion modify these conditions at any time without notice.