Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Did you know that over half of the Australian population have a Facebook Page? An average Australian uses Facebook for about 30 minutes a day and each user has on average 328 friends. Facebook has approximately 14Million Active Users in Australia and Twitter has approximately  2.8Million Active users


If you have decided you need a social media manager, then you’ve probably realised you either don’t know what you are doing or you don’t have the time. Social media management strategies should be reviewed every 3 months. The management strategy will most likely be out of date in 4-5 month as the industry changes very quickly.


A Full Time Social Media manager will work on your social media management strategy. They will work closely with your representative with weekly reporting and updates. We will put together a custom social media marketing plan to help you grow your client base and achieve your business goals.


Our approach is designed to help your business increase brand awareness and build relationships with your market. Developing a steady stream of fully qualified and engaged prospects who want to do business with your brand is our aim.


Being on the minds of your target market is absolutely essential to ensure your brand is the first call once your clients decide to make a buying decision.