Optimising your facebook business page

Optimising your facebook business page

Any modern marketing strategy should include social media. Compared to some techniques that can run into thousands, Social Media can be free and could result in some major profits.
Having a Facebook business page optimised with SEO can increase conversions. A Facebook Business page with good SEO can appear in the Search Results and can be used as a second home page for your business.


So, how to Optimise your Facebook page?


1/ Choosing Your Facebook Page name.

Just like you would choose a specific name for your website name, the same principle applies to your Facebook name. Google look at the name of the page when determining how to index it. Keyword stuffing your Facebook page is not good practice, Google will most likely find this spammy. The name should represent your brand and hopefully show the industry and personality of the business.


2/Customise your Facebook URL.

When you establish a Facebook business page, you are given a web address for the new page. Its best to personalise the web address to match the name of the business. Matching the site URL with the Facebook page will strengthen brand recognition and help your customers find you both on Facebook and the search engines.


3/Complete your profile.

Make sure all the images are complete, from the avatar and cover photo. Be sure to fill out the bio and profile via the long and the short description fields. Having your website address and email address will also help to give the Facebook page credibility.


4/ The About us section.

Your clients want to know exactly who you are and whether they would like to do business with you. Have a good About Us section will emphasize the values and abilities of the business and help to bring in customers. This will also contribute the Meta description in the search results.


5/ Keywords.

The whole process of optimising the Facebook page is to target a specific audience niche. Keywords will help and placing these in specific locations sprinkled throughout the page wil help. Make sure they are in the URL and the About Us page.


6/Phone Number and Address.

Fill out your street address and phone number. This will help with indexing your page for local search in the SERPS. Google will pay more attention to those pages who have added this information.


To Get help Optimising your Facebook Business page get in touch with Sydney City SEO.

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