Content Marketing and Social Signals for SEO

Content Marketing and Social Signals for SEO

Content marketing is about delivering informative and engaging information. Social media is a platform for delivering and promoting your articles. SEO is about designing the flow from concept to creating in a way that makes it more appealing for the search engines. It is important to know that all 3 must work together to help drive customers and traffic to your website. Since Googles algorithm changes it is even more important to maintain social presence and build social signals because they now factor as an indicator in Search Rankings. Any Organic marketing plan must include all 3 and be managed in a way that works towards the companies goals.

Google crawls the web on an ongoing basis and to make sense of all the information out in cyber space, the content is indexed, this helps finding the content later. To speed up the process of indexing, The search engines look to social media sites. As they crawl the sites they look to how many likes, how many shares and tweet and then they take this information in while indexing.

Getting links is a popular way of boosting a site in the SERP’s and can be easily manipulated by black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing, invisible text and fake website link backs. Google now looks to social media for signals as a way of determining the authority and popularity of website pages. If you are a credible source, Google will rank your website and blog posts higher

My advice is that every business should have a Google+ page and you should spend 10mins every day promoting this social property. Another great boosting factor is to have a Youtube page for your business and upload relevant videos and share them on your website. Google loves mixed rich and popular content, so mix it up , have fun and what ever you do, make it engaging and relevant.

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