An Introduction to Meta Tags

An Introduction to Meta Tags

Meta Tags is one of the fundamental elements of SEO. It is something that every SEO specialist must know. Are Meta tags necessary? What are the effects of meta tags on the site? These are questions that many internet marketers want to have answers to

Meta tags have been around for a long time in the internet world. They have a significant role in the history of search engines. They have been assessed as a factor in ranking high in search engines – until people began to abuse their use in getting to the top of SERPs. After that, Google removed Meta tags as a ranking factor. But it doesn’t mean that are not still relevant in the internet world. Meta tags still play a crucial role in the SEO of your site.

Meta Tags are words that are hidden in your web codes. People surf your site simply will not be able to see them. It is a “legal” way to hide words in your web pages for search engines. It is only search engines that understand Meta tags, and they are also the ones that know the contents of your website

Meta tags can be found in your HTML head area

<head> Meta tags are here </ head>

There are three main parts of Meta tags you can use on your site. They include:

  1. Title – The title tag is the words you see on search engines. I know this is not necessarily a Meta tag, but it works the same way as any.

<title> Title text here </ title>

  1. Description – The meta description talks about the summary of your site. It is where you say more about your site and what you offer people. It shouldn’t be too long, and there’s a word limit for it

<meta name = “description” content = “This is where you have the summary of your site” />

  1. Keywords – The keywords Meta tag is where you use all keywords on your website. It is actually where you put words that will make you rank high on search engines. Your tags are necessary – even if you remove other words from your site, the user must be able to know what your site is all about when they read your keywords.

<meta name = “keywords” content = “, Google, etc.” />

These three things make your Meta tags.

The importance of Meta tags is that search engines read to compare if the keywords and descriptions are linked to the visible content. Are your keywords in your web page? Is your Meta description related to your content and niche of your site? There are things in your Meta tags can search engines see to rank your site higher. This is precisely why Meta tags are important.

Even though Meta tags don’t help in improving page ranking, it plays a role in helping search engine bots to validate your site’s content and niche

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