6 Places to promote your business besides facebook and twitter

We are certainly living in the digital age, business has begun to implement social media more and more into their marketing campaigns and this has become a vital step in the world of internet marketing. Twitter and Facebook are front of mind when we think of social media, but they are not the only platforms available. Traditional Blogs and email marketing are still effective and video is being applied more and more but there are other platforms for promoting your business.


Periscope: (www.periscope.tv) Periscope is an App that allows you go broadcast live from anywhere at any time, streaming video and audio to an audience of followers. Periscope is fully interactive and incorporates notifications and locations as well as social sharing.


Slideshare: (www.slideshare.net) Slideshare is a site where you can turn your blog posts into a slideshow presentation mostly via PowerPoint. There is less competition on this platform and quality content can get picked up quickly.


Visual.ly (www.visual.ly) These guys are dedicated to creating awesome visual content and creating infographs. They have a social media community of visual content gallery where people can share these images .


Linkedin (www.linkedin.com) Linked in groups are great way to post a message to a targeted audience. Mostly these groups will be business related so it is important that any posts are applicable to the subject of the group.


Pinterest: (www.pinterest.com) Pinterest is an active community of pinners and a great place to get traffic. Posting attractive and relevant pictures that link back to your site getting shared on this platform will surely lead to more visits to your website.


We Heart It (www.weheartit.com) We heart it is a social network for sharing image based inspirational images. People vote by hearting photos and this is used as voting , the idea is to share photos with friends.


There are many Social Media sites. and more and more are being added to the world of Social media every year. To the most out these platforms for your business requires a lot time and dedication to keep on top of it all. More and more businesses are outsourcing their social media operations and if this is something you would like advice on be sure to get in touch and we will guide you on the best Social Media Management Plan tailored for your business.


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