3 Pay-Per-Click Hacks every MARA agent should use

3 Pay-Per-Click Hacks every MARA agent should use

Having helped countless MARA agentsaround the world with their pay-per-click advertising campaigns, I can confidently say that most firms make mistakes that cost thousands in wasted online ad spend.


Luckily there is a solution, correcting the mistakes can not only help to make your ad campaign run more effectively and profitably, but will go a long way to setting up your frim to dominate the market.


Most MARA agents are focusing on taking care of the needs of their clients and don’t have time to figure out and fix these problems or worry about the day to day details of PPC ad management.


To make it easy for you, here are 3 PPC mistakes and how to fix them.


1/ Ineffective Keyword Strategy

Most MARA agents don’t get this right but this is vitally important. Keyword Strategy is about presenting an Ad that fits the enquiry. You should not run the same sets of ads for all your keywords.

An Example would be a Google search for PR Visa, if you were to design an Ad for this enquiry then that same Ad might not work for somebody searching for Student Visa. So the best solution is to have a different Ad for each Search term.

The way to fix the problem is to identify which search terms are best for your business, then once you know which terms drive the most leads to your business you can develop a single keyword ad group.


2/ Driving Pay Per Click Traffic Clients to your Home Page.

Most people believe they have to send the enquiries somewhere and Naturally the first thoughts are to send them to your home page.

The problem is you have multiple services and if a client just clicked on Student Visa they probably don’t care about PR Visa. This means you would have to list all your services on your home page. Paid traffic visitors to your website are expecting to have a specific enquiry addresses and if they don’t feel your page meets their needs, they will leave.

The solution is to send the online traffic to a landing page specifically designed to meet the need of the enquiry. If your clients click on a page called Student Visa and land on your Student Visa page, you will have a better chance of developing that enquiry into a client.



3/Lack of Call Tracking.

If you are already running a successful agency you’re probably getting a good number of enquires. And hopefully you already have a way of finding out how your clients found you.

Google actually has a call forwarding feature that can be used to track which ads result in phone calls. There are a number of programs out there that enable you to track where your leads are coming from.


For my clients, fixing these 3 simple mistakes has had huge impacts on their businesses. Doubling my clients click through rate and conversion rate has meant they have been able to achieve up to four times the number of lead for the same spend.

If you would like me to take a look at your business and how we can get you more leads be sure to send an enquiry.


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